Thursday, January 17, 2013

To POAS or Not to POAS

If I had not been taking Femara and had ovulated in a normal fashion this cycle, my period would have been due today. I ovulated late, however, which means my period wouldn't be due yet? It would be due Saturday or Sunday? Not sure. And therefore, I have no idea if I'm technically "late" yet and if I should test.

There is another thing at play here. For some really odd reason, in each of the 8 losses, my hormone levels fluctuated so wildly, that I could get a positive, negative, positive and then start bleeding. A couple of times I started bleeding before my period was even due, but I'd had such strong symptoms I tested as I was bleeding (or had a blood test done) and got a positive on the way out.

So I'm really afraid of a negative. The only early and consistent positive test I've ever had was my son's. The others have all been wacky, which, considering how they turned out, makes some amount of sense.

This is leading me to freak out about when/if I should test. I don't want to do it Saturday. I have acupuncture and I don't want to have to be all sad and weepy if its negative. Plus we have a skating party to go to, and if its positive, I'll be nervous about falling, and if its negative, I'll be sad.

I don't want to test Sunday either, because my husband will be gone all day, and if it's negative, I'll be sad AND lonely. No go.

I can't possibly test Monday because we have a playdate at a friend's house where there is a new baby. A new baby I cannot wait to get my hands on, but if I get a negative Monday morning, holding him may send me over the edge.

So it looks like Tuesday will be the day I test if I don't start bleeding before then.

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