Friday, January 4, 2013

CD 15 - Finally Ovulating

I have never ovulated this late in my cycle like...ever. And technically I only got an LH surge today, which means I still haven't ovulated yet, but it's coming in the next two days. I find it sort of humorous that I took drugs to make me ovulate and I ovulated so late (for me) that I was starting to worry a little.

I am insanely hopeful this cycle. Way more hopeful than I've been since we started on this journey nearly two years ago. I'm seeing signs everywhere, including this really unique rainbow we saw on our way to the store yesterday.

As we drove, we saw it straight ahead - this enormous vertical rainbow streak that showed up only on the clouds, not the sky between them. It wasn't an arch, just a big vertical streak.

A few minutes later at the grocery store parking lot, we found it again, only this time it had a twin. It was the legs of the rainbow, many, many miles apart with no arch above them.

I managed to get a picture of one of the legs; I wish I had a picture of it when we first saw it. It was way more dramatic then.

Is it wrong that I'm taking this as a sign that my rainbow is coming soon?

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  1. I tend to believe in signs, though I suppose sometimes they lead me astray. Still, I rarely regret believing in them afterward.

    I hope this cycle is the one.